Alberta Septic Tank Systems Now Offering New Home Sale Inspection Service

Leading septic tank installation and septic tank maintenance experts Alberta Septic Tank Systems have recently introduced a brand new service to their broad ranging catalogue. The company’s new home sale inspection service is designed to help homebuyers in Issaquah, Sammamish and Renton, WA analyze septic tanks in properties that they’re considering purchasing in future, with the goal of helping them save thousands on future repair needs.

For those that are planning on purchasing or selling a property in King County, WA, Alberta Septic Tank Systems’ new services will provide a highly valuable solution for their home evaluation needs. Any home with a septic tank must be reviewed by a certified OSM professional prior to its sale. Keeping systems running optimally is the key to maintaining a healthy system. In addition, regular servicing helps keep the areas around the drain field healthy and ensures that the area is structurally and aesthetically sound.

Alberta Septic Tank Systems have the experience and the industry understanding to resolve a wide range of septic tank issues. They understand the various mechanical works of modern septic tank systems and can repair problems within a consolidated timeframe with an eye on keeping costs down for those on a restricted budget.

It’s imperative to spot warning signs in septic tanks before they become larger and more costly problems further down the line. Now, Alberta Septic Systems is offering their service as a septic tank inspection specialist for those about to move to a new home or sell their current property. To learn more about the company, please visit

Albert Septic Systems
8808 144th PI SE Newcastle, WA 98059
(425) 271-6524

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