Key Team Members

Pete Couty – President/Owner Operator

Pete started the Alberta Septic in 1989.  Before starting the company Pete was a manager at an electronics company.  He has always believed that customer service is the most important part of any business because without customers you have no business.  He has grown the business by treating his customers as he would like to be treated.  He is a native of the Seattle area and has lived here all of his life.  Pete plans on working as long as he is able but hopes when that time comes he can pass the business he has built on to his children.

Laura Couty – Vice President/Owner

Laura has been with the company since it started in 1989.  Laura handles all of the office duties and also holds down a full time job.  She is the athletic/activities secretary at Issaquah High School along with being the cheer coach.  Laura moved to the Seattle area from Montana in 1979.   She is definitely a key player in the company.

Shane Couty

Shane graduated from Liberty High School in 2004.  He went on to get his criminal justice degree from WSU.  He has been working for his father since he was 10 years old, and has always been a great help.  Shane also works for the City of Renton in their waste water division along with working for Alberta part time.

Cory Couty

Cory currently attends Bellevue College.  Cory currently has two part time jobs, he works for Moldestad Industrial 2 days a week and Alberta 3 to 5 days a week.  He is a graduate of Liberty High School and is working on getting an accounting degree.  Cory as invaluable part of the company and can always be counted on to do what ever needs to be done.

Taylor Couty

Taylor is currently     a senior at Liberty High School in Renton.  Taylor also works part time for Starbucks.  Besides her part time job she also works for Alberta Septic doing a variety of jobs from filing, computer work, picking up materials and getting as builts from the health dept.  Taylor also does an occasional dig if that is what is needed.  Taylor plans on going to Bellevue College next and would like to go on to Central Washington College to be a special education teacher.