Licensed OSM Professionals for Comprehensive, Affordable Home Inspections

All King County homeowners selling property across Issaquah, Bellevue and Renton are required to have their septic tank system inspected by King County licensed on-site system maintainer (OSM). It’s a crucial process that precedes the transfer of the title of the property from the owner to the new buyer. And therefore, it’s imperative that homeowners at the beginning of the sales process choose a specialist OSM to inspect their home and ensure that their septic system is in optimal condition.

The On-site System Maintainers employed by Alberta Septic Systems each have years of experience working within the industry. They have a broad understanding of septic system functionality and can help homeowners to analyze their particular tank and identify issues that might lead to more expensive problems within the long-term. As part of their services, Alberta Septic Systems’ OSMs will carry out the following processes during their home inspections:

  • Inspect Primary Treatment Unit, Septic Tank and Reserve Area

There are a number of points within the structure of a septic system that are vulnerable to maintenance issues. Alberta Septic Systems’ members of staff are trained to analyze these points to ascertain the condition of the overall system. During the inspection they will provide homeowners with unique insights into the performance of the system and point out areas that require further attention. The firm utilizes the latest in high performance monitoring equipment to ensure pinpoint testing results.

  • Provide Full Inspection Report

As part of their work, the OSMs at Alberta Septic Systems have been trained to fill out reports detailing the findings of their inspections. These reports will detail how well the septic system is pumping and whether any septic tank maintenance is required in the future. By working with the experts at Alberta Septic Systems, homeowners can gain access to these reports within a consolidated timeframe.

  • Answer Homeowner Questions

The company’s trained OSMs will also be able to help answer any questions that homeowners might have regarding the inspection process. Oftentimes the administrative procedures and repair work involved can be complex. But the experience of the Alberta Septic Systems’ team ensures they have the knowledge to respond to all questions based on a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Professional home inspection services are now available to all residents across King and Snohomish counties. Contact the Alberta Septic Systems team today to learn more about the firm’s work.