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Septic System Repair Services IssaquahWhen a septic tank system issue occurs, it can affect the safety and comfort of those within the home. Therefore, any system problems must be resolved within a consolidated timeframe in order to reduce the long-term effects of the problem. The Alberta Septic Systems’ maintenance and repair team has over 25 years’ experience repairing and maintaining a broad range of system styles. And so they can be trusted to resolve repair issues with seamless professionalism.

Below are a number of repair issues homeowners might experience:

  • Effluent in Yard Areas

There are a multitude of reasons that could be behind effluent entering into yard areas. One of the most likely culprits for the issue is that the system’s tank has not been pumped properly. However, the problem could also be related to localized flooding or power outages depending on the type of system the homeowner is using. The team at Alberta Septic Systems can help owners improve the condition of their yard areas and pinpoint the mechanical reasons for the problem.

  • Septic Alarm Sounding Off

The moment a system’s alarm goes off it must be checked by the property owner. Whether the issue is related to a defective pump that has broken down over time or excess rainwater within the drainage field, the property owner must ensure they contact a local expert to help diagnose and repair the issue immediately. By analyzing the type of system the property owner is using and the timing of the alarm, the experts at Alberta Septic Systems will ensure that all property areas are safe for clientele.

  • Fixtures Draining Slowly

One of the first and most common signs of a system problem is slow drainage. While this can occur during periods of heavy rain, it might also be the result of a clog within the system. Property owners experiencing such a system issue require the assistance of a professional in order to check for clogged areas and remove impediments to optimal drainage.

Save Money. Act Now.

Septic tank issues can become increasingly more expensive to fix the longer they go unresolved. Local homeowners across Issaquah, Renton and Bellevue must contact the team at Alberta Septic Systems directly to ensure that in-home systems are analyzed and in optimal condition. Experienced septic tank maintenance professionals are standing-by to respond on short notice.