These guys came out and were right on time, dug the holes for me for $25 (2 openings), pumped the tank, told some jokes, they even cleaned my filter out. I had Wesco out last time and they charged $200 more, were ignorant, and dropped a large chunk of plastic in my tank after installing the filter, so they didn’t have to haul their junk away, so I was happy to work with these guys as they are just normal stand up guys doing the right thing for their customers. Salt of the earth type people that make businesses worthy.

Jim Darrin

Pete came to the house and pumped out my septic tank. Since the tank ports were already dug out everything went quickly. He is very knowledgeable and helpful and I will use him in the future when I need septic repair or pumping.

Jeffrey Kelly

Drained septic system, inspected it and the pipes to the system. Replaced a damaged baffle to the drainage field. Not only did they do an excellent job on the work itself, they took the time to educate us about the system. They were punctual, quick and pleasant. They were careful with the landscaping too. Very professional. Will definitely use them again.

Susan Atherly

We called Pete (Alberta Septic), left a message, and he returned our call the same day telling us he would call back upon checking his schedule….which he did, as promised to set a date. Pete and his son, Cory, arrived even a few minutes early for our appointed date to clean our septic tank. This they did efficiently as well as cleaning the area. We have called upon Alberta Septic for many years every time our septic tank needed pumping. Pete and his son are extremely knowledgeable, totally honest, very efficient people. We highly recommend this company!!

Pat Martin

We’d had the alarm for our sand filtration septic system go off and waiting 24 hours didn’t solve the problem. Though we had a maintenance agreement with another company we had had a few doubts as to their follow-through and were considering switching companies. We’d happily used Alberta for years to pump out an old system at a different location so I phoned Pete. I wasn’t sure if he could service these new units. He said he’d try to get his electrical guy out and I gave him my cell to call if he needed to contact me. I got home around 4 and the warning light was off. Pete had left a voice message on my phone that the electrical man had come by, fixed a float problem and all was well. I’ve not gotten a bill yet but we’re definitely switching to his service.

Jon Wartes

We were having trouble with toilets not flushing in the house. Since I had another company service the septic system just six months earlier, I wasn’t sure if I had a septic or a plumbing problem. I will only use Pete and Alberta Septic from now on. Pete was so responsive to helping us figure out if we had a problem with our septic system. He made two trips without complaint because our dogs were out preventing him from accessing the tanks on his first visit.

Sheryl Schecter

Pete (owner) was friendly and professional. I enjoyed talking with him and it’s clear he really enjoys and has pride in his work. He had to deal with some pesky lids that were tightly screwed into place (took him an extra 30 minutes total) but he took it in stride and never complained. The price was fair, he was on time, and no hidden costs. Someone told me to have the overflow tank pumped too but Pete checked and said there was no reason to pump it and it would be a waste of my money.

Roland Ayala

My septic system was backing up. They came out and pumped out my 3 tanks and cleaned out the filter. The backup cleared and everything was working well. He came out when scheduled and did excellent work. He was knowledgeable and very willing to show me what was going on with all the parts of the system. He gave me tips on keeping it from backing up again. The cost was higher than usual because I have an extra large system.

John Jones